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NK Co-op is a new approach to sharing information and resources.

We are taking the cooperative approach to outdoor adventure and exploration.

Our interest is focussed on sea-kayaking and hiking (trekking) in Nunavut.

It is not a business.

This is all about sharing Nunavut’s unparalleled beauty, its vast and wild spaces, with as many people as we can. Assisting and partnering with anyone planning a trip to different locations or communities in Nunavut is our mandate. We would like to form links with people that have the same vision and desire to connect with the wilderness.

Over the last few years we have paddled and hiked in a number of different fiords, inlets and bays throughout the Frobisher Bay area. We recognize the many challenges that exist when it comes to travel in the north, such as safety; cost; distance and a lack of certain services. These factors can limit the opportunity to participate in some of the most extraordinary and unique activities Nunavut has to offer. This is especially true for those visiting or living in Iqaluit, there is so much to see just beyond the town boundaries.

It can be quite expensive to plan an outdoor adventure in Nunavut. Financial constraints may limit or hinder the number of people who are willing to invest the energy and money for such a venture. With such a small pool of committed people to draw from, we wanted to bring together those with the same interests. Individuals will be able to work together and plan a trip they might not have tackled or started on their own.

Our intention is to share information, ideas, opinions, culture, logistics, costs, and equipment.

Willing to work with various groups and organizations to assist with the planning or facilitating of a trip.


Contact Neil Gauthier at
1 867 872 2619 to discuss.

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