• Nunavut has some of the largest tides in the world. The Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia holds the world record at almost 17 meters (55 feet) and Frobisher Bay has tides over 11 metres (38 feet).
  • There are two glaciers located in Frobisher Bay.
  • Baffin Island is the largest Island in Canada and fifth largest in the world, at approximately 507,000 sq km. To give you a sense of scale Vancouver Island is approximately 35,000 sq km and PEI is approximately 5,600 sq km.
  • The Everett Mountain Range, located on Baffin Island, is considered to be one of the most spectacular mountain ranges in eastern Canada Adventure
  • Richard Weber & Josee Auclair – ran a tourist camp for one season in 1998 in Jackman Sound, which is on the south side of the bay past York Sound

Maps of the Area

There are a variety of maps available for your trip. Map Town, located in Calgary, AB, has a great selection including the following of interest:

  • Air Navigation Charts - 1:500,000 – VFR Frobisher Bay
  • Topographical Maps – 1:250,000 – 25N Armshow River (Iqaluit area)
  • 25O Ward Inlet
  • 25J Grinnell Glacier
  • 25I Loks Land
  • Topographical Maps – 1:50,000 – see the index (Canada’s North)

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Resources & Info

Publications of Interest


  • Stepping Stones of Ungava and Labrador, by Nigel Foster – paddled solo from Iqaluit to northern Labrador in the early 1980’s
  • Kabloona in the Yellow Kayak, by Victoria Jason – paddled the arctic coast, northwest passage, a significant part of it on her own
  • Paddle to the Arctic, by Don Starkell – Northwest Passage, part with Victoria Jason
  • Cold Oceans: Adventures in Kayak, Rowboat, and Dogsled, by Jon Turk
  • Arctic Crossing, by Jonathan Waterman
  • Sailing Directions – Arctic Canada (Eastern Part) Fourth Edition - 1985
  • Nunavut Handbook
  • Eastern Arctic Kayaks: History, Design, Technique, John Heath and E. Arima, 2004
  • Inuit Kayaks in Canada: A Review of Historical Records and Construction, Canadian Museum of Civilization, Canadian Ethnology Service, E.Y. Arima, 1987

  • Magazines

  • Adventure Kayak, The Kayak Touring Magazine, Canada
  • Kanawa, Canada’s Paddling Magazine, Canada
  • Explore, Canada’s Outdoor Magazine, Canada
  • Qajaq – A Journal Dedicated to the Study of Northern Native Watercraft, US
  • Sea Kayaker, US
  • Canoe & Kayak, US
  • Articles – Paddling Trips

  • Northern Exposure, Traversing Baffin Island’s Icy Reaches, Leader – John Dunn, Canadian Geographic, Nov/Dec, 1995 – travelled the length of Baffin Island, some by kayak
  • The International Greenland Expedition – Loonie Dupre and John Hoelscher
  • Above & Beyond, Summer, 1999 – trip around Greenland, portion by kayak
  • Across Baffin Island By Canoe, John Verby and Dave Buetow, The Beaver Magazine, Autumn1974 - Pangnirtung to Iqaluit by canoe
  • Trans Baffin Expedition, Doug Bruce and John McEachern, North/nord, March 1972 – Iqaluit to Pangnirtung by canoe
  • The 10 All Time Greatest Sea Kayaking Expeditions, Paddler Magazine, July 2003
  • Helen Skelton, Paddles Amazon, bbc.news – youngest women

Trip Ideas

  • Burton Bay / Lewis Bay – 2 days
  • Qaummaarviit Territorial Park – (traditional site) - 2 days
  • Silliman’s Fossil Mount – (fossil site) Foul Inlet – 4/5 days
  • Ward Inlet – Cormack Bay – 5/6 days
  • Newell Sound – 4/5 days
  • Leach Bay – 4/5 days
  • Grinnell Glacier


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